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Look To The Trusted Names For Your Motorhome Tires

The right tires on your RV are very important not only to your comfort, but to your safety.  Obviously, it is necessary to take proper care of your tires, keeping them properly inflated and rotating them regularly.  However, the time will come to find replacement tires and at that point, you will be pleased to know that you have several retailers from which to choose that specialize in supplies and accessories for mobilecoaches and travel trailers.

Goodyear is an excellent resource for high quality tires for cars and trucks, but they also have a full line of motorhome tires.  These are divided into tires made for Class A, Class B, and Class C vehicles, as well as 5th wheels and campers, and are for sale through a variety of suppliers, including  The G670RV Series, for example, are designed for Class A RV’s such as those made by Fleetwood, Winnebago, or Airstream.  They feature antioxidant compounds to guard against weathering and a technologically advanced belt system for a smoother ride.  Contact the retailer for information about prices.

Another trusted name in tires, Michelin, offers a wide range of tires made specifically for toy haulers, campers, and RV’s.  At, you will find the Michelin tire series for each size and class of mobile home and camper.  This means that whether you are driving a Class B Monaco or a Class A Itasca, you will find the right tires for you.  You must contact the retailer directly for details and pricing.

Toyo is a worldwide supplier of tires for modern cars, trucks, and motorhomes.  You can find their products at  Here you will find products like their Open Country series, great for Class C motorhomes and light trucks.  These tires are designed for extra ground clearance and load carrying capacity.  You must contact the dealer directly for pricing information.  You will also find information about how best to keep your tires in excellent repair as you travel.

Made for light trucks and commercial vehicles, the Firestone Transforce HT tire series can also be advantageous on your camper or smaller RV.  Available at, these tires have a heavy load capacity and are made to maneuver the roads smoothly for a comfortable ride.  Prices are not listed at the site; quotes are available for consumers who contact Sears directly.

Another great option for aftermarket RV tires is the Dunlop Rovers.  These are all terrain tires that will get you where you need to go safely through all kinds of weather.  They are wide tires with deep treads for extra traction, and they feature contemporary sidewall compounds that add to the comfort and smoothness of your drive.  You can find these tires at  You can get pricing information by contacting them directly.

BF Goodrich, a trusted name in tires for years, offers a wide range of high quality tires for cars, trucks, and RV’s.  Whether you are driving a Prevost, Holiday Rambler, or other motorhome, you will have a guide or manual to tell you what size tires you should buy.  Being sure to adhere to the advice of the manufacturer, you can visit for the full line of BF Goodrich tires, their sizes, and their prices. 

Even at, a site known for discount prices, you can find the right tires for your RV.  The Carlisle Radial Trailer Tires come in eight different sizes to suit your specific needs and range in prices from $58.99 to $250.59.

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